Wilmington, North Carolina

The Scenic Byway   (One Day Trip)

The Byway begins at the intersection of U.S. 74 and N.C. 133 (Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway) and 
North Third Street, adjacent to the Isabel Holmes Bridge over the Cape Fear River. Proceed south
on North Third Street. The Byway turns right on North Front Street, where you’ll be greeted by the
Cape Fear River. Turn right onto Red Cross Street, which becomes North Water Street, which
then changes to South Water Street after passing Market Street.The waterfront area is a popular
​visitor destination .At the entrance to Chandler’s Wharf turn left onto Ann Street and follow it for one block, then turn right onto South Front Street.This residential avenue features some of the city’s most exclusive homes.Turn left onto Castle Street and then again onto South Fifth Avenue. At the end of South Fifth Street, the Byway enters Greenfield Park and Gardens. The road name then changes to West Lake Shore Drive. Follow it for 1.3 miles
​before briefly turning right onto U.S. 421 North, and then right onto Willard Street. Follow Willard Street two blocks before turning left onto South Fifth Street, passing again through the historic district. Continue nearly a mile before turning left onto Castle Street. Two blocks later, turn right onto South Third Street. The Soldiers of the Confederacy Monument is located at the intersection of South Third Street and Dock Street. Continue along Third Street, which changes from South to North at Market Street, back to the intersection of U.S. 74 and N.C. 133, where the Byway ends. 

The Wilmington Cruise   (Three Day Trip)

Experince Historic Downtown Wilimington, North Carolina.  Head south on 421 to Carolina and

Kure Beach communittes to spend a day of fun in the sun.  Take the fairy from Fort Fisher to

Historic Southport and stay at one of many  B & B's in this beautiful town.  Awake and head North toward Brunswick Township.

Then complete your day back in Wilmington and relax on the river front. also have other great tour ideas that would be great excuses to drive around in our meticulously restored and impeccably maintained class cars.

Here are some of our favorites from

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Brunswick Islands Tour

Wilmington and Surrounding area Tour